"Edge provides the most honest and complete account yet of CanWest Global's rise. Asper Nation is exceptional in demonstrating that concern about CanWest Global's reach ought to go beyond the usual anxiety about media concentration. . . . The best kind of book is one that identifies a gap in the research literature, then fills that gap convincingly. Asper Nation does just that. . . . Edge's fine book, with its closely argued historical analysis, enlightened with media theory, should encourage the creation of more such research for Canadian scholars and citizens." Labour/Le Travail read review

"Edge provides an important record of the development of Canadian media ownership and its consequences. . . . He makes a very strong case about Canada's recent hands-off ownership and regulatory environment as setting the table for the Aspers' market dominance . . .There is great value in the context and scholarly analysis he brings to the dramatic media story of the Aspers. It is a valuable contribution and particularly useful reading for journalism and communication students at all levels."
Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly read review

"Edge does . . . make a compelling argument for reform in media ownership, an argument that deserves discussion across the country. With democracy at least arguably at stake, Asper Nation is a must read for anyone who aspires to active and informed Canadian citizenship."
Globe and Mail read review

“A news media researcher with a growing reputation. . . . What Edge has produced, in effect, is a guide and interpretation to the voluminous archive of Izzy Asper’s multifaceted career.”
Literary Review of Canada read review

"Asper Nation is the best guide available to the machinations and missteps that brought Canadian media to its banana-republic condition. . . . A thorough and concise compendium of relevant information and quotation, as the voluminous notes attest. . . . Edge’s prose has a tabloid momentum to it. He’s at his best cutting to the chase. "
BC Bookworld read review

"A very readable account. . . . Edge's thorough retelling of the Aspers' mismanagement of their newspaper properties would be comincal were the stakes not so high."
Quill & Quire read review

"Comprehensive, fast-paced, indispensable."
The Tyee read review

"Asper Nation is a polemic, and should be read in that spirit." Canadian Jewish News read review

"A rant against Winnipeg's CanWest Global Communications, its founder Izzy Asper, his children, and just about anyone else who has been involved in running the company. Edge's grand theory: The Aspers are out to impose an ultra- conservative, free-market, pro-Israel agenda on the world through media dominance -- and they should be stopped."
Winnipeg Free Press read review

"Marc Edge . . . is emerging as one of Canada's leading media scholars. . . . Asper Nation has a lot going for it: deep research has produced a detailed history, with a healthy dose of anecdote, and Marc’s 20 years in the newsroom are used to good advantage. The book is a deep read but fast-paced. The writing is brisk."
Notes From a Teacher read review

"Edge does an excellent job of situating his analysis in the context of Canadian regulatory structures, and the current newspaper and broadcasting environments."
MediaBC read review

"It's a good thing Marc Edge found a teaching job in Texas. Otherwise, the former reporter for the Vancouver Province could have a hard time finding media work this side of the border after writing Asper Nation."
Urban trendz read review

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