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Summer 2006

In August of 2006, the brave crew sailed north from Vancouver, up Georgia Straight to Desolation Sound, up Johnstone Strait to Tuna Point and beyond. See photos

Summer 2005

The plan was to circumnavigate Vanouver Island. We got as far as Port Hardy on the north tip, but we never went around. Chickened out. Came back down the inside. Was it a failure of craft, or of nerve? See photos

Summer 2003

Markenurh's first cruise after her 2002-03 refit was up the Sunshine Coast to Pender Harbour, with stops at Silva Bay and Sechelt. On board were Chef Engineer Ian Dolling and First Nephew Spencer Clark. See photos

Splashdown in the Muddy Fraser came at Shelter Island Marina after two years in the storage yard there, the final one of which saw an extensive refit by shipwright Roger Upton, with a little help from brush-weilder Janie Peters. See photos

Summer 2002

While the skipper was in Singapore making the Big Bucks needed to pay for it all, Markenurh underwent a refit at Richmond's Shelter Island Marina, courtesy of shipwright Roger Upton, with a little help from buddy Peter Purdy. See photos

After her South Pacific voyage, Markenurh was in need of a little TLC. New topsides and bottom paint, deck refinishing, a new stove and propane locker, and a refurbished muffler and cooling water system were among the highlights. See photos