Red Line, Blue Line, Bottom Line: How Push Came to Shove Between the National Hockey League and its Players (Vancouver: New Star Books, 2004)
?It takes real bravery for a writer to wade into the National Hockey League's current labour woes. SaveCancelCloseEdit FileWhen finished, click . . . This timely little study tackles all of the important questions head-on.?
Vancouver Sun, October 2, 2004
?A timely guide to hockey's holy war. . . . Well researched, tightly written. . . . Where Edge's book excels is in the perspective he brings to the subject. . . . Straightforward, no frills. . . . Edge has done an excellent job.? Read the review, October 3, 2004
?A fine recent book . . . makes the point that increased revenue sharing between NHL teams would help remove the bogeyman of the free-spending, maverick owner who disrupts the salary grid. . . . (A) revealing argument.?
The Calgary Herald, October 8, 2004
?Having done his homework on the business history of the four major sports, Edge does a commendable job of illustrating how owners exploited pro athletes for decades. He also does a solid job of detailing the emergence of labor lawyers and agents.?
Fort Worth Star-Telegram, November 19, 2004
?Anyone wanting to come to an informed opinion on the accusations and counteraccusations being lobbed around on sports talk shows should spend a few hours with . . . Red Line, Blue Line, Bottom Line.? Read the review
Quill & Quire, December 2004
?Edge . . . tries to offer hockey fans an explanation of the sport?s current labor crisis without bombarding them with numbers. . . . A must for any sports business major or anyone interested in the greed of team owners and professional athletes.?
UTA Shorthorn, January 28, 2005
?Edge goes some way to account for the growing public disenchantment with professional hockey. . . . He counters much of the facile finger pointing that places most of the blame on the players.? Read the review
Vancouver Review, Winter 2005
?An interesting and informative account. . . . provides the reader with a solid evaluation of the different issues. . . . Another strength of the book is how Edge includes different theories and connects them to the labor dispute. This smattering of theory is what distinguishes Edge?s book. . . .An excellent introduction to the topic. . . . it could be an appropriate background text for an undergraduate class on professional sport.? Read the review
Sport Management Journal, July 2005
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