“In this engaging book, Marc chronicles how we’ve gotten to where we are with our media in Canada today. . . . Marc looks at the people and policies that have brought us here, whether it was mergers, swaps, the influence on governments to change regulations, to colourful figures who ambitiously set out to reshape the media in their own image, how we got here is a good way to see where we’re headed.” TheCommentary.ca Read review

“Sometimes, the best nonfiction books are written with palpable anger at the injustice of the world. Readers can sense when there’s a fiery passion driving the author’s desire to tell a story. . . . Throughout his career as a journalist and as a scholar, Edge has proven that he’s not susceptible to being captured by anyone. And his incendiary and subversive research should be of particular interest to residents of Western Canada, where three-quarters of daily newspaper circulation is controlled by one company, Postmedia, mostly owned by U.S hedge funds.” Georgia Straight Read review

“An important examination of what can be done to nurse Canada’s media back to public health. It is a provoking primer of what is and what might be.” Winnipeg Free Press Read review



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